Our Objectives:
Realize the customer satisfaction of equal to or higher than 90%, and the damage rate of goods of equal to or less than 0.2%.
Our Commitment:
For storage tanks and pipelines in which the varieties of materials stored need to be changed, we will clean them strictly by many means such as water washing, alkali washing, and steam heating to ensure the quality of the materials stored therein next time. After cleaning each time, SGS Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as SGS) will check the cleaning of shore tanks and provide effective shore tank cleaning inspection report. So, customers may use our tanks at ease.  
According to the special requirements on different materials, we will adopt corresponding supporting facilities and means to surely prevent the materials from deterioration during storage. For materials having requirement on temperature, such as styrene, the storage temperature should not be too high, or they will have polymerization. Aiming at this situation, we will control their temperature by means of cooling through the circulating cooling system to prevent polymerization.
For another example, the freezing point of p-xylene is 13℃, so in winter, we will raise its temperature by heating with outer boiler steam heat exchanger to prevent the materials from freezing.